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Chimaltenango is what initially drew Red Fox to Guatemala. With soaring altitudes reaching over 2000 masl while loaded with old Typica and Bourbon varieties, Chimaltenango produces some world class coffees with immensely balanced and approachable characteristics. The cup profile truly is classic Guatemala goodness with a little something extra; showcasing, above all, sweetness and depth with dominant warm sugar browning tones, baked apple, and orange peel as the most prevalent of our flavor notes, but there is also juicy raspberry, hibiscus, pomegranate, and wildflower honey flavors to be found in the best lots. Small producers in northern Chimaltenango call Typica ‘gigante,’ or ‘giant,’ for the long curved shape of the seed. Typica is planted abundantly, alongside smaller amounts of Bourbon and Caturra, in an area of northern Chimaltenango defined by San Jose Poaquil, Comalapa, and San Martin Jilotepeque. This region has ideal conditions for growing these older varieties, with elevations exceeding 2050 masl. Often, these smallholders have less than one hectare of coffee planted, and most harvest their own cherries, taking them to nearby receiving stations where they are then processed and dried in Antigua. A couple years ago we extended our focus on a special project in the municipality Santa Bárbara of Huehuetenango. In this remote area, a small receiving station has been developed to service the coffee growers of this region. Assembling and separating lots by cup quality is procedure here. Up to 2,000 samples are cupped on average during the harvest season. Similar to Chimaltenango, the alluvial soil and dynamic terroir of this region harnesses some of the oldest coffee varieties such as Bourbon and Typica. Felipe Martinez and family have been tending to their land for seventy five years. Their beautiful 265 hectare farm in the community of Tojchiquel is abundant with 10 year old coffee trees. The harvest season in this area is between January and April.

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