Coffee Questions

When Do You Roast?

All of the coffee for our cafes, wholesale, and online, are roasted to order and shipped on Mondays & Wednesdays. So, pick a day, because every day is a holiday when coffee is heading your way.

Is My Coffee Fresh?

Like so many things in the specialty coffee industry, “fresh” is a relative term. Typically, you will receive your coffee 3-7 days from the roast date. Although we believe our coffee is optimal 2-5 weeks after roast, It will be ready to brew and drink as soon as it arrives. So, it’s up to you. We will send it to you fresh, brew it like you stole it.

How often do you switch out your coffee offerings?

We are carefully curating coffee for you on a quarterly basis. We believe in quality over quantity. We will usually focus on 3-5 coffee offerings that we are excited about- roast them, send them, and then hope our excitement makes a damn good cup of coffee.

Is your coffee Fair Trade?

Well, thank you for asking. Short answer: Yes, no, l mean, well kinda? Long answer: We will assume you are someone who cares about your fellow human if you’re asking this question. With that in mind, we care too, and no, we are not typically Fair Trade. Instead, we are usually direct trade. Fair Trade is commonly a license that is given to corporations that can afford the licensing. Your average small private farm, on the other hand, is not usually doing the volume to justify the license. We deal with distributors and farmers directly that are supporting these farmers with fair trade requirements, that often can actually exceed Fair Trade prices. In summary, we want to do the right thing, whether it’s officially Fair Trade or not.

Is your coffee Organic?

Well, see question #4. The answer is similar, but referring to Certified Organic, rather than pesticide free.

How do I brew my coffee at home?

We don’t know, why are you asking us?! JK! We got ya! Click HERE to go to customized instructional videos for each of our current coffee offerings. Remember, have fun when you brew some.

Online Ordering

What The Heck Man?!

E-commerce is supposed to be easy, right? Eyah, sometimes technology doesn’t serve us well. When it doesn’t, email us at: We promise to remedy any of your ordering frustrations to the best of our abilities, as quick as possible, so you can get right back to loving technology again.


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Hours: Wed-Fri, 7am-12pm / Sat-Sun, 8am-3pm

Are you Hiring?

If you are interested in joining the team, email us at:, with the subject: Job Application. We will contact you to get the process started.

Do you have patio seating?

Yes, and it is georgeous!

Do you Serve Food?

Yes, and it’s tasty. Click HERE to see our current menu.

Do You Cater?

Yes, email us at: and we will contact you with all the appropriate deets.

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